northern california commercial video production

Creating unique and life-altering films.

What makes Tyler unique from others in the cinematic industry is that he only takes on projects that he genuinely believes in. This is evident down to the smallest of details as his whole heart is reflected in the perfection of them. No project is seen as too small, and in fact, Tyler comes to life with the knowledge that he is contributing to something that will make a real difference and will impact the world for the better. He sees beyond the project at hand and it is an understatement to call him a dreamer – he has the ability to see where a video production project could go next. He strives for the unique and regularly exceeds the expectations of his cinematography clients.

Tyler’s mastery of his video editing craft is apparent, but it is his manipulation of the expected that keeps his clients coming back. His films leave the viewer inspired and Tyler not only sees the events that are unfolding around him, but he has an eye to capture the deeper story; the message that many might miss when distracted by the obvious. It’s in those smaller moments that Tyler really shines and he finds his joy in telling that story – the real story. 

“I credit our win to the fact we told our story better than the other candidates.”
Brent Weaver, Redding City Council
We presented Tyler with a general idea and the storyboard he came up with matched our vision perfectly!
Meghan Anderson, NVCSS
When Tyler makes a commitment, one can be confident that the timeline and budget will be met, and that the product delivered is outstanding.
Tim Rayl, Simple Business Solutions




TITLE| One Safe Place – Working to End Domestic Violence


DESCRIPTION| The One SAFE Place organization has been working in Shasta County to provide help and safety to Women, Men, and Children who are effected by Domestic Violence. This story dives into the horrific case of the ‘Miller Triple Murder’ that occurred in 2013. Shane Miller killed his wife and two young daughters and wasn’t found until 2014. This film impacted me so much and I am proud to have had the opportunity to help tell the story of how One Safe Place is making a big change.